4D UV Gel : be creative !

Original nails

4D UV gel is an artistic paste that allows you to sculpt any design you want. It can be compared to modeling clay. You can create nail arts in volume, like the flowers that we often see in acrylic or even lines, geometric shapes and much more. Let your imagination be free !

Ongles d’Or offers a wide range of 12 colors ! Have fun !

Application steps:

1. Do the nail prep, covering and finishing steps.

2. Apply 4D UV Gel to your finish using a clean regular or silicone brush.

3. Cure 2 minutes under a 36 watt UV lamp or 60 seconds under an LED light.

Your nail art is ready ! To remove the 4D UV gel, you will simply need to file the surface

Here are examples of what you could achieve with our 4D gels !



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4D UV Gel : be creative !

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