Congrès Esthétique Spa de Montréal, 16 et 17 octobre 2016

Esthetique Spa International Congress 2016

16th & 17th October 2016 was our annual appointement at the Esthetique Spa International Congress in Montreal.
Tartofraises (Ophélie) was our special guest ! She is known for her incredible talent in Nail Art ! For the event, she gave alot of  free conferences on how to do nail art perfectly. 

Also, we had the Essie stand who was paired with ours and they were doing free demonstration on how to use their products.

Plus, the customers had acces to alot of products such has : Ligne Pro Resin & Elegance, Gel UV Perfection, CND Shellac, CND Vinylux, Essie, INM, Gehwol, Cuccio, Glam and Glits, Accel, Top Chrono and Art Glitter


Thanks to all of you for this  incredible weekend ! See you in 2017 ! 


Here some pictures of the event :



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Esthetique Spa International Congress 2016

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