Everything you need to do your nails at home

Nails at home 101 : the ultimate kit !

Want to get into nail art ? Whether it’s just for you or to make it a job, here we’ll explain everything you need to get started !

A lamp

To start, you will first need to get a good lamp.

We suggest a UVLED lamp that provides at least 36W. If you use a gel product, you must make sure it reacts to 36W, which is generally the case. However, some gels will only react from 45W. It is therefore up to you to determine the type of wattage you will need depending on the technique you choose to do.

Ongles d’Or’s favorite lamp is the Universal 48W X9 Plus Wireless/Rechargeable 110V LED Lamp. We love it since it is wireless, it has a power of 48W and the inside is made of stainless steel for a better maintenance experience and an optimal lifespan. You won’t regret this purchase !

Files and sanding buffers

Whatever technique you choose, it is important to get several files and buffers.

You will need at least 100/180 grit files, it will have a rougher side and a softer side to allow you to achieve as many things as possible. Note that the higher the grit value is, the softer the file will be. The lower the grit value is, the rougher your file will be.

In addition, we suggest that you start with half-moon files. Why ? Because it is a perfect mix between the straight file and the curved one. For example, you can file right angles, which require to be precise, as well as contour or build rounded shapes with the curved side.

Finally, get some buffers because they are essential for the preparation of the natural nail !

Cuticle pushers and cuticle nippers

You will always need to prep the nail well before doing any overlay.

The cuticles are the small skins located between the finger and the nail. It is therefore important to free the nail from these small skins which tend to cover it before proceeding with a covering. By pushing back the cuticles you allow your pose to last longer. This also promotes better product application and more precise application.

Manicure brush

The manicure brush is a mandatory tool to remove all the dust properly. It can be sanitized very easily and it is safe for your customers as well as for you. It is safe from contamination when properly disinfected.

pH control

PH control is a fundamental product inthe natural nail prep. It is used to temporarily dehydrate the nail plate in order to give more adhesion to the pose.

Just apply it generously on the nail plate in several layers until the liquid is absorbed quickly and the nail looks whitish. It is used as the last step in the nail prep. It can be used with both the resin technique, UV gel, acrylic and UV or regular nail polishes.

Acetone and cast iron pot

If you want to remove a coating, acetone is an essential product. It will allow you to do it in minutes.

To make better use of it, we advice yuo to get cast iron pots with sponges. You can also get Dilue-Tout which is also acetone-based but enriched with jojoba oil. It is gentler on the nails, but does the same job. However, be careful not to use these products in a microwave or with anything that provides constant heat, as you risk an explosion or fire.

Dental bibs

Bibs are essential in nail application : they protect the work surface from liquids (alcohol, acetone…), glues, acrylics, UV gels and resins. The embossed texture of the bib allows better absorption of liquids than a simple paper towel for example.

There you are ! Ready to start ! :)

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Everything you need to do your nails at home

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