Gelish structure soak off gel fondant

Gelish Structure: a real Soak Off Gel Nail

The Gelish Structure est perfect to construct nails and is a real soak off gel nail in acetone.


What is the Gelish Structure ?

Gelish Structure is a soak-off gel to apply on natural nails, nail tips or nail forms. It’s a brush-on gel in bottle like nail polish. It seems like the One step Perfection Gel Nail. This gel is a thicker viscosity brush-on gel that will enhance the strength of the natural nail. Can be used to add strenght and structure to natural nails and promote it’s growth.

Three colors are available :  clear, cover pink and translucent pink.

How to apply Gelish Structure Gel?

  1. Apply a thin layer of the Gelish Fondation et cure 10 seconds under LED or 1 minute under UV lamp.
  2. Apply a layer of Gel structure as a nail polish, cure 30 seconds for LED oor 2 minutes for UV
  3. If your wish, you can apply two layers of your favorite Gelish gel nail polish, cure 30 seconds LED/2 minutes UV
  4. Apply the Top It Off finition, cure 30 seconds LED/2 minutes UV
  5. Remove the sticky effect using a pad and the Gelish Nail Cleaner.

How to remove Gelish structure Gel?

To remove it, soak for 10 minutes in a sponge jar with an acetone based solvent. It’s really easy! 

Choose your Gelish gel structure below ! 👇

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Gelish Structure: a real Soak Off Gel Nail

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