appliquer du foil sur les ongles

How to use nail foil glue?

Foil glue is a white glue that is used with decorative transfer papers also called foil to apply textures or patterns on your nails. The foils can be applied to all types of nail enhancement, natural nails and nail polishes. We explain in this video how to use our nail foil glue.


Nail foil application steps

  • Apply a very thin coat of foil glue to the nail. If you put too much glue, it will not dry.
  • As soon as the glue becomes transparent, it starts to dry, it’s time to apply the transfer paper. It can be a bit long to dry.
  • Put your transfer paper on the nail and tear it off. Repeat until you get the desired effect.
  • If a corner has not worked or you do not have the effect you want, you can re-apply glue, wait for it to dry and re-apply your transfer paper
  • Apply your finish coat

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How to use nail foil glue?

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