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Lots of tips to make perfect stamping nails

Stamping allows you to make beautiful nail art easily once you know the right stamping technique. Many people get discouraged after a few tries because the results are not what they expected. In this video, we show you the secrets to succeed in your stamping.


How to choose the best stamping supplies?

Stamping plates

  • Always clean with acetone free nail polish remover
  • Also use 99% alcohol to keep it shiny and beautiful
  • Check the depth of the stamping plate patterns. With a bad quality plates and the right technique, you will not be able to work well on your stamping. At Ongles d’Or, all our stamping plates are tested before being sell on the market.
  • Do not forget to remove the blue film sticky on new stamping plates.


  • The quality varies a lot from one stamper to another and the technique will be different to use it well. For some it will support more, others not at all … You will find the stamper that suits you best.
  • A transparent stamper will make it easier for you to see where to place your design on the nail.
  • Clean the tip of the stamper with a solvent without acetone so that the stamper always keeps its sticky side.

Stamping nail polishes

  • Using polish specially designed for stamping will be easier if you start. they are more
  • CND’s regular Creative Play also works wonders for stamping.

How to succeed in stamping?

  • Once you have put the nail polish on the plate, do not scratch it too much. Just flatter the plate so as not to remove too much varnish. Thus the stamper will be able to catch enough polish to transfer on the nail. You will feel that there is too much polish on the plate, it’s normal.
  • If your pattern is on the stamper but you are not able to transfer it on the nail, it’s is usually because your nail polish is not slow drying. That’s why we recommend a special stamping polish.
  • With your stamper, simply make a movement from left to right about 45 degrees on the plate. The pattern must appear clearly on the stamper.
  • Then apply the pattern on the nail with the same movement as you did on the plate. A transparent stamper helps you to see your application.
  • Remove excess polish from the stamper by stamping it on a sheet of paper or with acetone-free nail remover.
  • You can use stamping on any nail enhancement and simply remove it with a little acetone-free nail remover.
  • Wait until the polish is completely dry before applying your finish.


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Lots of tips to make perfect stamping nails

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