Shellac Luxe, what difference with classic Shellac?

A highly anticipated video of our nail technicians, we tell you all about the Shellac Luxe! ? Our nail trainer Valérie gives you her opinion and tells you everything you need to know about this new Shellac! ?


The Shellac Luxe has an integrated base, which is one step less and it comes off in 60 seconds. We save a lot of time with this product. It wear 14 days+ and doesn’t make any damage to the nails.

Just like the Shellac, it cooks for 2 minutes under the uv lamp, 1 minute under the led lamp and 30 seconds with the CND Shellac lamp.

It contains 12.5ml of polish, either almost double the Shellac, for a price a little higher, so it is very profitable. The brush has been greatly improved, it is much finer, in duck paw and works really well.

The color does not wrinkle, does not bubble, this product applies really well. You must think, as the base is integrated, about shaking the bottle from left to right for 30 seconds, to mix the pigments and the base together.

Like all gel nail polishes, the Shellac Luxe must be applied in a very very thin layer. The first layer is already opaque, the 2nd layer comes to perfect the color.

The Shellac Luxe is available in 65 colors including 15 new exclusive colors. It is currently available for sale only for graduate nail technicians.

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Shellac Luxe, what difference with classic Shellac?

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