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The different Shellac Top Coats

Today we present you all the differences about the 6 Shellac CND top coat – Creative Nail Design! ? So, whatever your needs, you will certainly find your favorite!


Regular Shellac Top Coat

  • Regular ShellacTop coat : Shellac Classic Top Coat, Glossy Finish
  • X-Press5 ShellacTop coat : it can be removed more quickly, in 5 minutes, brilliant finish
  • Duraforce ShellacTop coat : allows to harden the natural nail, glossy finish

The 3 regular Shellac top coat has a similar glossy finish. These three top coats are available in classic format of 7.3ml and in large size of 15ml.

Shellac top coats with effets

  • Glitter Shellac Top coat : glitter and holographic effet
  • Mate Shellac Top coat : to matify all your Shellac nail polish
  • Pearl Shellac Top coat : peal effet

The 3 shellac effect top coats (Glitter, Mate, Pearl) have a sticky effect that is removed with 99% alcohol and not with the Scrub Fresh. All three are available alone or in a trio box

How to cure Shellac Top Coats

All shellac top coats, regular or effect, cure 2 minutes under a UV lamp or 1 minute under a LED lamp or 30 seconds with the CND lamp. Like all UV gel polishes, the effect may change during the first 24 hours, so it is important to inform your client that the color or shine may change if she is UV tanning or goes on vacation to the sun.

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The different Shellac Top Coats

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