Magic chrome pigment pen

Try the Chrome Effect Pencil, you’ll love it!

What is the Chrome Effect Pencil?

It’s an applicator pencil that allows you to create a chrome effect on your nails in just a few movements. This effect reflects an impressive diversity of colors in the light, which are revealed when the finger is moved. 

It is easily applied by friction and is refilled with pigments contained in the cap.

You can mix colors and vary the nail polish applied previously to create new shades. Indeed, by applying a white, black, or colored varnish, the effect will be totally different.


What colors are available?

8 colors are available for this product line: 

Silver Holo BJ175

Pink Mermaid CH01

Green/Purple B821

Purple/Orange B830

Blue/Purple B861

Pink Mermaid CH01

Green Mermaid CH04

Purple mermaid CH06


Magic Chrome Pigment Pen sur base sombre     Magic Chrome Pigment Pen sur base claire


How to apply it?

– On natural nails or on nail extensions, follow the usual application steps.

– After applying color, put a top coat or a layer of Fini Plus and bake it for five seconds, depending on your lamp and watts.

– Rub your nail with the pencil and refill the pencil if needed by “pumping” it into the cap. 

– Apply a final coat of top coat or Fini Plus and bake for 30 seconds.


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Try the Chrome Effect Pencil, you’ll love it!

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