contenant pour manucure française

What is the French Dip Nail Container?

We are introducing you today, a very usefull accessory for your manicures: the French manicure dip nail container. It is ideal to realize very easily a perfect smile with your favorite dip powders.


How to use the French Dip Nail Container?

  1. Put the powder in the container
  2. Make sure it is flat on the inside of the container, by tapping it on the table
  3. Apply the resin on the nail
  4. Put your finger or your client’s finger in the cavity
  5. Slowly move the nail into the powder and remove it
  6. Tap the finger to remove the excess
  7. Remove the resin on the powder and dip the nail into the powder, at the same level as the previous time.
  8. Apply clear powder on the full nail and resin

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What is the French Dip Nail Container?

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