Cils Import Elixir Glue 10mL

Cils Import Elixir Glue 10mL

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Cils Import Elixir Glue 10mL

Any professional in eyelash extensions knows the importance of working with a good glue that has few vapors, a good drying time and an excellent bond for a maximum duration. It is ideal for most technicians who prefer a reasonable time to position eyelashes. This adhesive can be used on a classic eyelash pose, but is perfect for poses volumes.

Drying time: 1 second

Skill level: Advanced

Steam: Medium

Color: Intense black

Consistency: Thick

Duration: Up to 6 to 8 weeks

Recommended humidity: 45-60%

* We recommend to keep the bottle in the original bag. *


To avoid any irritation:

Clients should keep their eyes closed throughout the application.

After application, dry eyelashes 2 to 5 minute with a fan, or until eyelashes are completely dry before opening eyes.

Use carrely. The glue should never be in contact with eyes or skin of the client.


* Professional use only *

Use only on clients. Never try to apply the eyelash extensions on yourself.

Close the cap after each use and keep in the storage bag at the end of the day.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Professional exclusive product Yes
Brand Cils Import
Reference number CILCE10
Dimensions No
Colors Black
Sizes 10 mL
Quantity One
Wholesale No