NOP ODORLESS Powder Pink 7 oz

NOP ODORLESS Powder Pink 7 oz for odorless acrylic nails


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NOP ODORLESS Powder Pink 7 oz

How to apply N.O.P Acrylic Powder

  1. Use a ratio of 1 part liquid and 2 parts powder, with N.O.P monomer liquid
  2. Mix to obtain a creamy mixture
  3. If it's too wet, the acrylic will get sticky

Acrylic powder need to be used with moomer liquid, it allows you to scrulpt perfect acrylic nails

Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand INM
Reference number INMNOPPP7
Professional exclusive product N/A
Dimensions No
Product Acrylic Powder
Collections NOP
Odor Odorless
Drying Regular
Colors Pink, Transparent
Sizes 7 oz
Quantity One
Wholesale No