Oh Blush Dipping Polish - Base and Top Coat (15 ml)

Oh Blush Base & Top Coat is the product the will make the powder adhere to the nails as well as giving it a nice smooth texture.


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Oh Blush Base & Top Coat is perfect for applying dipping powder as its viscosity is semi-liquid, making it absorbing enough to hold the powder in place.

After applying 2 layers of Prep, coat your nails evenly with Base & Top Coat and dip each nail in powder and shake off the excess. Repeat that same step another time.

It is advised to keep the Base & Coat bottle in the refrigerator in order to prevent the consistency from changing.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Professional exclusive product N/A
Brand Oh Blush
Reference number OHBVPBF
Dimensions No
Colors Transparent
Sizes 15 mL
Quantity No
Wholesale No