Inspirations / Isabel Archambault

Isabel Archambault

Petit Salon Mademoiselle

Isabelle Archambault, Nail Artist at Petit Salon Mademoiselle, QC, Canada

Partnership from 2018 to 2022.

My name is Isabel Archambault, I am a hairdresser and nail technician by trade and a solo mom of 2 beautiful children named Jacob and Gisèle. It’s happiness first, I am a very passionate person about arts and always thirsty for projects.

I do photography, graphic design, social media management, and design clothes. I started doing nails in 2002 since it fueled my creativity and my love for art. My greatest pleasure is designing and painting nails.

Petit Salon Mademoiselle is born from the desire to create and make a museum where every client has a place.

In 2016, I won the Most Outstanding Technician award at the “Ongles Addict” gala and in 2019 I was lucky enough to be a judge in the Canadian nail art competition for “Les Nouvelles Esthetiques”.

I will be eternally grateful to live for giving me the opportunity to do something that turns me on while still allowing me to be home with my children.

Petit salon mademoiselle Oh Blush nail art
Petit salon mademoiselle Oh Blush red Nails
Petit salon mademoiselle unicorn nails with Oh Blush
petit salon mademoiselle Pink nail art with Oh Blush Nails
Petit salon mademoiselle orange and yellow nails