Nail art Saint Valentin vernis à ongles

12 Valentine’s day Nail-art

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to express your love and creativity through beautiful nail art designs. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, these 12 super easy nail art tutorials to do with regular nail polish (without a lamp) will inspire you to create beautiful and romantic nails to celebrate your special day. Get ready to turn heads and spread the love with these unique and innovative ideas. Our little extra to make your nails last longer: use our Fini-Plus LED top coat.


The Sparkling Heart: Start with a black base, then create a vibrant heart on the middle finger using a fine brush and burgundy red nail polish. Add white dots around the heart for an extra touch of glamour. For other nails, just play with colors and add some subtle white dots.


Enchanted Roses: Use shades of red and white to paint delicate heart-shaped roses on your nails. Start by forming the stems with a fine brush, then add details of the heart with a dotting tool.


Heart balloons: On a pink and white base, create a balloon effect with hearts. On the other fingers, you can add lots of little dots of different colors with the dotting tool.


The red corset: Apply a white base, then create delicate corset and lace patterns in red and black for a guaranteed glamorous effect.


The Tic-Tac-Toe of love: Want to play for Valentine’s Day, create a tic-tac-toe on one of your nails. To avoid overdoing the nail art, paint your nails red and decorate them with a little rhinestones centered near the cuticles.


Candy apples: Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to bite into the apple! For this occasion, we created a candy apple tree nail art.


Black and white hearts: For a light and romantic touch, create a garland of black hearts on white nails.


The love letter: Send all your love with this envelope and heart nail art on a bright pink background.


The Owl: A loving owl and subtle little hearts on the other nails.


The cute little dog: nail art can be really simple: with a dotting tool create this little dog with heart eyes, to make your partner melt.


The naughty little cat: For the cat lovers, you can make a little Valentine’s Day cat.


The loving couple: Finally, to conclude this series of Valentine’s Day nail art, here is how to create a loving couple under an umbrella, for a subtle and elegant look that captures the essence of Valentine’s Day .


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Whether you choose a classic, sophisticated design or a bold, eye-catching look, these 12 nail art tutorials will help you create beautiful and romantic nails for Valentine’s Day. Let your creativity run wild and express your love through every brushstroke. Happy Valentine day !

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12 Valentine’s day Nail-art

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