vinylux shades 2023

14 new shades by CND

Beautiful new colors to add to your collection !

This winter, CND spoils us with 14 brand new colors with sweet and timeless inspirations. They are now available in Shellac and Vinylux.

Let’s discover them together…

Above my pay gray-ed

This intriguing color is halfway between purple and gray. Its cold undertones will go well with nude or dark colors, but also with white, perfect for a sophisticated winter look !

Above My Pay Gray-ed

All frothed up

Nothing like a white for this timeless tones collection, but not just any white. This beautiful velvety white reminds us of milk, it is a slightly gray white, so it seems softer.

All Frothed Up

Backyard Nuptials

Since we were talking about timeless shades, here is another one to add to the collection ! A pale baby pink that fits anywhere. This color remind a sweet sorbet, it will delight both your summer and winter manicures.

Backyard Nuptials

Frosted seaglass

This blue is aptly named, it actually reminds us of frost and snowflakes. With darker undertones than white ones, it remains soft and pastel. This winter blue can still be associated with nail decors to make it sparkly in the summer.

Frosted Seaglass

Gilded sage

A slightly yellow sage green. This color has been very trendy in room decoration and furnitures for a few years. It allows you to dare an original look with a different color while remaining in moderately bright tones.

Gilded Sage

Love letter

The ideal color for a Valentine’s Day look, right ? This type of pink is relatively bluish and reminds us of beautiful spring tulips. It will delight in any season.

Love Letter

Maple leaves

Since we were talking about the perfect spring pink, here is the perfect fall brown ! Its very evocative name easily illustrates a reddish brown like maple leaves and the late year colors. It’s a guaranteed flawless look !

Maple Leaves

Mulberry tart

Much more purple than Above my pay gray-ed, Mulberry tart reminds us of a good grandma’s berry tart or even berry jam. This darker shade is amazing for fall and winter.

Mulberry Tart

Petal party

Less pink than an dark pink, but pinker than a coral, this is how complex Petal Party is. It is a rather pastel pink and a little gray. We would gladly associate it with gold or rose gold sequins.

Petal Party


If you had to define the color of a pink rose, it would surely be Rose-mance ! This bluish pink is deep but lively at the same time. It can satisfy your desires for a spring look or make a chic winter classic.


Running latte

Who doesn’t enjoy the softness and comforting feeling of a good latte to start the day ? Running latte brings this warm and caramelized side, it is neither a brown nor a camel, really just like a latte !

Running Latte

Toffee talk

Since we were talking about caramelized, this color is really brown. On the other hand, its warm and red undertones remind us of mahogany and autumn. With Maple Leaves, it represents the essential and timeless nude brown of the cold seasons.

Toffee Talk

Vintage blue jeans

This baby blue is also aptly named. The perfect blue jeans, like these timeless and so comfortable 90s jeans. The same goes for this color: timeless and comfortable.

Vintage Blue Jeans

We want mauve

Although its name evokes light purple, we want mauve is more complex. The purple undertones are very subtle and approach a taupe when associated with gray brown. A color with many sides…

We Want Mauve


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14 new shades by CND

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