Black Friday ultimate shopping list !

Get ready and set your wishlist !


Are you familiar to the resin and powder technique ? This is your chance to get Ongles d’Or resins !

You have the choice between the pro line resins, which offer 4 thicknesses : Flexible (thick), Tip (medium), Dipping (liquid-medium) or Clear (liquid).

There are also dipping resins, which dry a lot slower. These are the greatest resins to make pretty gradients ! You have the 3 options in terms of thickness : medium, liquid or ultra-liquid.

Finally, take your chance to get the pro UV resin which will give you the most shiny finish for glossy nails !

If you don’t have a professional degree as a nail technician, but you still want to resin and dipping powders, don’t panic ! We also offer the Elegance resin line. There are 4 thicknesses available : Super-Flexible (thick), Tip-Finish (medium), Brush Dip (liquid-medium) and Sealant-Clear (liquid). You can also use UV finishing resins in order to get an ultra-shiny result !

Oh Blush powders

It’s time to treat yourself with colors ! Whatever the season is, have fun checking our wide range of Oh Blush powders ! To help you out a bit, we asked Ongles d’Or coworkers which their favorites are. So here’s what they answered !

Caroline’s pick :
Marie-Pier’s pick :
Stéphanie’s pick :
Marilyne’s pick :

We hope this helps inspiring your wishlist !

UV polishes

So you no longer know which UV polish color to choose ? No problem, there’s no need to choose, get them all ! Whether it is the CND Shellac or Gelish range, a wide color range is available !

Here are some suggestions that might help you :

Press-on nails

Are you in a hurry and don’t feel like having a hard time getting your nails done ? This is the opportunity for you to try Press-on nails !

All you have to do is choosing the style you want and voila ! Nails ready in a minute ! Here are suggestions of our available styles :

Watch our press-on nails on TikTok !


L’alliance parfaite de la simplicité et du style ! #fyp #pourtoi #tiktokchallenge #trending #beautychallenge #foryoupage #nails #nailsoftiktok

♬ Aesthetic – Tollan Kim

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Black Friday ultimate shopping list !

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