winter body skincare

Body skincare for the winter

Take care of your skin no matter how cold it is ! 

The Holiday Season is over and we have already started 2023. It is often hard to face the long winter months and the often depressing beginning of the year.
In order to have a good time despite everything, let’s take care of your skin ! Ongles d’Or specializes in nail products, but did you know that shop also offers a selection of products for the body, hands and feet ? Ongles d’Or has thought of you and prepared a list of tips and advice for taking care of your skin in winter…

Moisturize and nourrish your skin

The first thing is probably the most obvious, to protect your skin, you must moisturize it ! It is important to distinguish between nutrition and hydration. Dehydrated skin needs water, while dry skin needs oil. So, as a starting point, hydrate body from the inside by drinking enough water every day.

Then you must find out the type of product your skin is craving for. If your skin needs nourishment, it will have dry patches, eczema and itching zones. Skin that needs to be hydrated will be rather tight, uncomfortable and may have redness. A moisturizing product will often be lighter and more liquid than a nourishing product. To maximize the effects of the products you use, take a look at the ingredients: hyaluronic acid, ceramides or oils will be your best friends !

Often your face skin is a similar type than your body’s. If you have combination or oily skin, your body will probably need light-weight hydration. If you have a dry and sensitive skin, you will need to nourish it.

Gently exfoliate

To get rid of dead skin and promote cell renewal, it is important to gently exfoliate your skin regularly. We advise you not to exceed once per week so as not to irritate or weaken your skin. And above all, after each exfoliation, protect your skin with a good cream or body butter !

Have good daily habits

To avoid weakening your skin, make sure to adapt your daily actions. Don’t rub your skin with a towel when you get out of the shower, instead gently pat and press the towel on your skin.

Choose fabrics and woolens that are not irritating when shopping for clothes. Wool or cotton are softer and allow the skin to breathe, compared to synthetic materials such as acrylic or viscose.

Finally, if you have sensitive skin, limit products containing fragrances (shower gel in particular), perfumes tend to irritate and dry out the skin.

Don’t skip sunscreen ! 

We often think, and wrongly, that our skin only needs to be protected from the sun in the Summer. However, sun looks the same all year round. Even if it’s cold, the sun’s rays damage and sensitize your skin. If you are planning a day outdoors, skiing or winter sports sesions, do not forget to apply a broad spectrum sunscreen.

Now you’re all set to go through the winter and the cold, at least your skin is !

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Body skincare for the winter

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