Christmas nail art 2022

Christmas nail arts inspiration

We’re guiding you to find your nail style for Christmas 2022 ! 

Knit look

Winter also means comfort…. down to your fingertips ! This knit style trend is a must try !

Look made by ongles_tanya (on Instagram)


🎶Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow… 🎶. Snowflakes are everywhere ! A simple nail art you can do that will still make a wow effect ! 

Sugar & ice look

It’s freezing out there, add a little sparkling ice on you nails for a Christmas-inspired look ! 


Les lumières de Noël

We’re lighting up facing the beautiful Holiday Lights, why don’t you get those on your nails ? 

Christmas tree

Finally, what’s Christmas without a huge beautiful tree and its star ! 


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Christmas nail arts inspiration

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