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Did you try the Gelish Chrome Stix?

A new product at Ongles d’Or that will simplify your nail enhancement: the new Chrome Stix by Gelish! A collection of 6 chrome effect pencils impossible to obtain with gel or nail polish alone.


What is the all-in-one Gelish Chrome Stix ?

It is an all-in-one applicator pen that transforms your manicure in few minutes and very simply into a mirror, holographic or chameleon effect.

  • No damage, easy application by rubbing
  • LED curing to finish
  • Several looks on light and dark colors

What are the effects of the Gelish Chrome Stix ?

Gelish has released 6 effects of Chrome Stix, the color of which varies a little or a lot depending on whether it is applied on a black or white base:

  • Silver Holographic
  • Gold Holographic
  • Fischsia Mirrorr
  • Magenta Chameleon
  • Violet Chameleon
  • Pink Opal

chrome stix gelish color effects

How to apply the Gelish Chrome Stix ?

  1. Apply the base gel color and set it. The base can be dark or light for different effects.
  2. Apply a coat of No Cleanse Top coat and bake for 30 seconds.
  3. Once dry, rub the chrome stix onto the nail.
  4. Reapply No Cleanse Top coat and cure for 60 seconds.
  5. Apply a nourishing massage treatment and you’re done!


Acheter les Chrome Stix de Gelish :

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Did you try the Gelish Chrome Stix?

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