How to do gel nails

Essentials to start with gel

Create your product kit to start doing nails with gel !

Here is a selection of the go-to products to start with gel ! This article explains what each product is used for in gel nails and how to do gel nails with Perfection uv gel.

Base Coat

It is important to always apply a base coat before applying gel so that the strenght is optimal.

Apply a thin layer on prepared natural nails, paying attention not to touch the skin. Cure 30 seconds under an 18W LED lamp or for 1 minute under a 36W UV lamp, then remove the excess with a dry brush. Then proceed to the regular steps of applying UV gel.


In order to properly apply the gel, you will need different brushes. These will be used to manipulate the gel on the surface of the nail when covering it.

One Step Perfection Gel

One-Step Perfection UV Gel is a clear, medium viscosity UV gel that can be used as a base coat or a glossy top coat, in addition to a builder gel. This is self-leveling and does not yellow.

How to use Perfection UV gels:

  • Apply 1 coat of ADHER+ UV PRIMER (cure for 1 minute under a 36W UV lamp)
  • Wipe the nail with a clean brush or lint-free pad
  • Apply your choice of CLAIR SCULPT Perfection Gel, ONE STEP or ROSE SCULPT
    (cure 2 minutes under a minimum 36W UV lamp)
  • Repeat steps 2 and 3 to achieve the desired shape
  • Remove stickiness with a lint-free pad and Perfect Cleaner
  • File your nails to get a smooth surface and remove dust
  • Apply 1 coat of Brillance Parfaite or Fini-Plus and cure under the lamp.

Perfect Nail Prep

When cured, the gel overlay may have sticky residue.
The Perfect Nail Prep is used to remove this sticky glaze and the residue once the gel has cured under the lamp. It is important to do this step before filing the cover with a lint-free pad.

Colors or VFP Nail Art Polish

What would nails be without some color !

Have fun with the colors of your choice. We suggest using UV gel polishes by Shellac or Gelish, those provide the best quality. You can also take One Step Gel and mix it with a VFP Polish on a silicone pad.

Top Coat 

It is essential to finish your nail set with a top coat to protect it. We definitely suggest the Fini-Plus ! This is the clear finishing polish (top coat) to be cured, under LED or UV lamp. It is ideal for protecting the decors made on the nails, especially since it offers a remarkable and lasting shine. Plus, it’s a no-wipe top coat, so as soon as it comes out of the lamp there’s no stickiness and your nail art is done !

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Essentials to start with gel

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