How to do resin nails

Essentials to start with resin

The top products you need to start using resin ! 

You’re starting resin and you don’t know what products to get first ? This guide is for you ! This article explains what each product is used for in resin nails and how to do resin nails.

Medium resin / clear resin

There are several types of resin thickness, it all depends on how you prefer to work with them. However, we recommend that you have at least a medium resin and a clear resin or a mixture of the two.

The medium resin will be used to glue the false nail if necessary and make the first layer of resin before the powder. To work between layers, a clear resin is better suited to allow the powder to be absorbed quickly.


An activator or commonly called a catalyst, is the product that freezes the resin when you have finished applying your final powder. You can use it as a spray or as a brush.

Clear powder

Clear powder is especially useful to create the stress point of a resin pose. It is also very useful for making beautiful inlays with glitter, metallic foil, shell fragments, mylar, opalescent flakes, etc.

UV top coat resin

UV top coat resin is the easiest and most effective way to protect your nail art. It is ultra-shiny and simply harden under a UV/LED lamp.

Colored powders

To work with resin, it is essential to get yourself with colored powders. It is these powders that will make the colored base of your pose. Here we suggest some Oh Blush powders which are basic colors to get you started !

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Essentials to start with resin

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