gelish gel polish application

How to apply the Gelish Gel Polish

Have you always dreamed of making your gel manicure at home? This tutorial explains how to apply Gelish gel polish which is cured with a UV or LED lamp. You will see that the application of Gelish gel polish is very easy.

The products: 

  • PH Bond Gelisjh
  • Fondation Gelish base coat
  • Gelish Gel Polish color of your choice
  •  Gelish Gel Top it Off
  • UV or LED lamp

How to apply the Gelish Gel Polish?

  1. Prepare your nail: push back your cuticles, file, and pass a buffer to remove the shine from your nail.
  2. Apply 2 coats of Gelish PH Bond to balance the PH of your nail (optional, but helps for good hold).
  3. Apply Gelish Foundation primer in a very thin layer, sealing the edge of the nail first.
  4. Cure for 10 seconds under a led lamp or 5 seconds with the Gelish LED lamp.
  5. Pass a dry lint-free wipe , to make the nail sticky and adherent.
  6. As for the base, apply the Gelish Gel color in a very thin layer starting at the edge of the nail.
  7. Cure for 30 seconds under an 18W led lamp or 2 minutes under a 36W UV lamp.
  8. Apply a 2nd coat, without sealing the edge of the nail and cure again.
  9. Apply a thin layer of Top it Off Gelish Top Coat, and cure for 30 seconds LED.
  10. You can add a 2nd layer of top coat if you want.
  11. To remove the sticky effect of the top coat, pass a lint-free wipe soaked in 99.9% alcohol, without rubbing

The strengths of the Gelish range:

  • Wide and flat brush for easy, flawless application.
  • Application is as easy as with regular nail polish.
  • Lasting up to 3 weeks without chipping.
  • Can be used under LED or UV lamp.

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How to apply the Gelish Gel Polish

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