Coupe prothèse pour ongles DX111

How to use a nail tip cutter

Most nail tips cutters only allow you to cut one way and it’s up to you to estimate the cut to get even nails. Do you also have difficulty cutting prostheses of similar length? Our new DX111 nail tip cutter with 6 different guides can help you! Find out how to use it!

This nail tips cutter is designed to cut tips without cracking them. Its 6 cutting guides allow you to cut nail tips of similar and uniform lengths in straight, rounded or angled cuts. In addition, its integrated nail catcher allows you to collect the ends that have been cut.


How to use the DX111 Nail Tip Cutter with Catcher & Cutting Guides

  1. Select one of the 6 cutting guides
  2. Position the nail guide
  3. Place your finger against the guide then cut
  4. You get even and perfectly cut nail tips!


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How to use a nail tip cutter

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