Winter nail care

Nail care for Winter time

Winter is harsh for the body, we shared some tips about Winter skincare a few weeks ago.

Let’s deal with nail care today…


Hydration and Moisturizing

Cold weather can dry out your nails and cuticles, so make sure to moisturize them regularly with a good quality lotion or oil.

Prevent and protect

To protect nails from agressions of any kind and prevent them from being hurt, wear gloves when going outside to protect your nails, it’ll also protect from the cold and wind.

Maintain your nail condition

Long nails are more likely to break, so keeping them trimmed and filed can help prevent damage. 

Avoid using harsh chemicals

Many cleaning products and bad quality nail polishes can dry out your nails, so try to avoid using them.

Eat a balanced diet

Your nails need certain vitamins and minerals to stay healthy, so make sure to eat a balanced diet that includes foods rich in biotin, vitamin E, and other nutrients.

Use a buffer

Regularly buffing your nails will help to keep them healthy by removing any dead skin, and promoting blood flow.

Be gentle

Avoid biting your nails, as this can weaken and damage them. Also, try not using you nails to open products, bottles or to remove stickers. 

Remember to be gentle when taking care of your nails, and avoid using harsh tools or chemicals that can damage them. With proper care, your nails can stay healthy and strong all winter long.


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Nail care for Winter time

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