Oh Bling launches the Brush On Gels

A whole new range of gel products ♥

The Brush On Gel range is based on nail strengthening technology.

This product, launched this year by the company, was designed to offer an alternative to traditional nail strengthening methods, such as acrylic or resin nail extensions. This gel can be used to create a nail extension, or simply to strengthen natural nails.

The Brush On Gel involves a two-step system, a base and a builder gel. The base is formulated to prep the nail by cleaning and dehydrating it to optimize builder gel adhesion. The builder gel is then applied to the nail, thus strengthening and protecting it.

The Brush On Gel formulation includes reactive oligomers that work together to create a network of strong polymers on the nail. This network structure is strong and flexible, providing long-lasting protection against nail cracks and breakage.

The Brush On Gel is transparent and therefore offers a multitude of possibilities in terms of style and nail arts that can be achieved following its use. It is also compatible with uv gel polishes, offering additional versatility to beauty professionals but also to amateurs or beginners.

Whatever your desires, the Ongles d’Or Brush On Gel range is your ally!



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Oh Bling launches the Brush On Gels

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