oh blush dip powder fall 2022 Chalet Escape

Oh Blush Chalet Escape – Fall 2022 collection

Our new Fall 2022 Oh Blush collection: Chalet Escape. We are delighted to present 10 new dip powders in warm and cozy tones, like autumn, which will make you want to spend your weekends at the cottage.

255 – Cinnamon Bun 🍩 : A subtly glittery cinnamon-colored powder that will make you want to put cinnamon in all your desserts and beverages.

256 – Apple Cider ☕ : A bright orange

257 – Campfire 🔥 : Halfway between yellow and orange that will remind you of the campfires at the chalet.

258 – Lakeview 🏞️ : A bright blue that will make you want one last swim before winter.

259 – Cozy Slippers 🥿 : A slightly darker blue for cozying up in slippers in front of the fireplace on cooler autumn days.

260 – Nightfall 🌆 : A midnight blue perfect for late evenings.

261 – Mountain Hikes 🏔️ : For hiking enthusiasts, this forest green powder will remind you of the magnificent mountains of Canada.

262 – Knitted Scarf 🧣 : We prepare for the cool winter evenings by knitting by the fire.

263 – Glowing Leaves 🍂 : Fall in Quebec marks the change in color of the leaves, going from green to red, orange and yellow. This chunky glitter powder is reminiscent of all those beautiful fall colors.

264 – Lightning bug 🌟 : A powder adorned with luminous green glitter reminiscent of the twinkling of lightning bugs.

Be seduced by the fall dip powders of our Oh Blush Chalet Escape collection.

oh blush collection automne 2022 Chalet Escape poudre résine dip powder

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Oh Blush Chalet Escape – Fall 2022 collection

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