Oh Blush Sweet Treats – Spring 2023

Discover the new treats-themed collection ♥ 

Here is our new Oh Blush 2023 Spring collection : Sweet Treats ! 🍫

We are very happy yo introduce 10 new pastel colors to bright up your Spring days and make your nails cute.  Be careful, this sweet collection might make you hungry… 

#275 Rock Candy 💜

The greatest purple. This shade is the darkest one from this collection, it reminds us the famous-deep-bright-looking lollipops made from sugar. 

#276 Gummies 🍇

These gummies are reminding us a lot of colors, but this lilac seems so yummy that it matches its name perfectly ! 

#277 Lollipops 🍭

What would be a better color for a lollipop than a sweet pink ? 

#278 Cake Pop 🍡

Those cute cakes are all about greed. They are so adorable we would eat them all day, this color fits them really well. 

#279 Taffy 🍬

Taffy are those cute candies we all enjoyed when being a kid, whatever your generation is. They have several colors and tastes, but we wanted to celebrate the original one. 

#280 Bubble Tea :bubble_tea:

This sweet drink comes from East Asia, we’ve been seeing it everywhere for a few years. The famous Milk Tea really is this beigy color we adore. 

#281 Meringue

We used to love eating sweet and funny meringue back in the kids days. This is what this sweet yellow reminds us. 

#282 Macaron

Who said a macaron can’t be green ? Well, we immediately thought this color would match a pistachio macaron very well. 

#283 Mint Frosting 🧁

Cupcakes’ icing is always the best comforting part, we twisted it by adding a minty taste. It’ll inspire you a fresh Spring day. 

#284 Blue Lace 💙

To end this pretty collection, what an ideal icy blue to remind us the fuzzy candies we loved as a kid…


To inspire you and to celebrate this collection’s launch, our influencer Véronique (@Au Royaume des Ongles on Facebook and @veromerciernails on Instagram) created 7 nail arts demos with the 10 colors. The hardest part is actually to make a choice, they’re all so gorgeous !  

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Oh Blush Sweet Treats – Spring 2023

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