sip powder Oh Blush Sahara collection

Oh Blush Winter 2022 Sahara Collection

Discover this desert-inspired new collection !

Here is our brand new Oh Blush Winter 2022 collection : Sahara, in collaboration with influencer and nail artist Mylène Fauvel from Gypsy Esthétique. Click here to learn more about her salon !

We’re excited to introduce 10 new warm, neutral-toned powder shades to warm up your winter and enhance your nails. When imagining this collection, we worked closely with Mylène. She was inspired by the Sahara, this gigantic and fascinating North African desert, to put her Egyptian origins in the spotlight.

#265 Mirage 🌤️

A natural rosy beige reminiscent of the illusion of water reflection in the sand, far away.

#266 White Scorpion 🦂

A cold beige representing this fascinating little desert creature.

#267 Camel Ride 🐫

A perfect cold brown for a golden nude look reminding a camel color. 

#268 Tan 🌞

A warm beige slightly orange powder, the color of a beautiful tanned complexion.

#269 Dune ⏳

A beautiful orange-beige reminding the desert sand dunes colors.

#270 Red Sand 🔥

A beautiful orange-red powder that reminds us of the red sand of the desert.

#271 Heatwaves 🌡️

This warm ocher color evokes the intense heat of the desert.

#272 Nomad 🧕

A medium brown powder with warm undertones that tells about the arid climate.

#273 Sirocco 💨

A perfect chocolate brown for all seasons !

#274 Desert Sunset 🏜️

A color with shades of brown and red to embody the brilliant desert sunsets.

To inspire you and celebrate the launch of this beautiful collection, Mylène has designed 5 demo nail arts with the 10 shades. The most difficult thing now is to choose, they are all so beautiful !


Discover all the shades in video on our YouTube channel.

Did you miss our Facebook launch live ? Find the replay video on our Facebook page and hit the subtitle button !

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Oh Blush Winter 2022 Sahara Collection

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