Polygel, how to use it? Complete video!

polygel ensemble manucure-français french kitIf you follow the news in the beauty world, you probably have heard of PolyGel, a new revolutionnary nail enhancement technique! It is the best of both worlds, an hybrid between gel and acrylic, no mixing needed, the product is ready-to-use in the tube. Polygel is resistant, long-wearing, flexible and light on the nails. Your play time is also illimited as PolyGel does not dry or harden unless you cure it (LED or UV), you have as much time as you want to place it and sculpt it. Another strong point for PolyGel is that it comes in a big tube and you only need a very small amount each time so it will last you a long time.  The words to remember: Squeeze, Slice and Roll.

Video: PolyGel Application

The following video explains in details the steps to follow to apply PolyGel.

  • Nail Prep
  • Filling with PolyGell (14 minutes)
  • French manicure on nails that already have PolyGel (20 minutes)
  • French Manicure on natural nails ( 35 minutes)

Material :

Nail Prep

  • Nail surface cleanse
  • Ph bond
  • Probond
  • Buffer
  • Cuticle pusher

Nail enhancement

  • Poly Tool (brush)
  • Polygel Cover Pink or other color
  • Polygel Bright White for french manicure
  • Slip Solution PolyGel
  • Top it off Gelish



Nail Prep

  1. Start with clean hands and nails.
  2. Push your cuticles and revove excess.
  3. File the nail to give it the shape you want.
  4. File the surface of the nail with a buffer block to remove shine from the nail.
  5. Apply Nail Surface Cleanse on the nails with a cotton.
  6. Apply Ph bond
  7. Apply a fine layer of Probond on the natural nails.

Advice : You can apply a layer of Top it Off on your natural nails if you want a more natural look, without PolyGel.

Regular PolyGel Manicure

  1. Polygel GelishTake tube of desired color of PolyGel, in the video Polygel Cover Pink is used for a filling because that’s what the person already had on the nails.
  2. Press the tube to get a small amount of PolyGel out.
  3. With the Polygel PolyTool slice the amount you want,
  4. Roll the product on the nail so that it forms a small ball.
  5. Lightly dip your brush in the slip solution to help you sculpt the PolyGel on the nail . Make sure your create a smooth first layer. Do not use to much slip solution.
  6. Cure under LED lamp for 30 seconds.
  7. File the sides of the nail to make the extremities a bit thinner.
  8. Buff the surface of the nail, avoiding the apex, to get the perfect shape.
  9. Apply Top it Off and cure 30 seconds under LED.
  10. Apply Nail Surface Cleaner on nails with a cotton to remove residue.
  11. Apply cuticle oil and massage into the skin.

Polygel French Manicure

  1. On an existing manicure, file file the surface of the nail on the tip of the nail to create a demarcation and a space on the free edge of the nail. See this step 20 minutes in the video.
  2. On bare nails, apply the pink (cover or dark) PolyGel from the cuticles and up to the free edge of your nail to leave a space for the white. Cure 30 seconds under LED.
  3. Apply a small amount of bright white to the tip of the nail.
  4. Lightly dip your brush in the Slip Solution and shape the white color in order to get a ‘smile ‘ shape on the tip of the nails.  Also smooth over the pink so the surface is all smooth.
  5. Cure under LED lamp for 30 seconds.
  6. File the sides to make everything smoother and thinner.
  7. File the surface with a buffer block without removing the apex.
  8. Apply Top it off  and cure 30 seconds under LED.
  9. Apply Nail Surface Cleaner on the nails with a cotton to remove residue.



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Polygel, how to use it? Complete video!

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