How to make Soft Gel Nail Extensions

Soft Gel Extensions Tutorial

We hear a lot about soft gel extensions, but what exactly does it involve? Soft gel extension is a straightforward nail enhancement technique. You’ll need nail tips that cover your entire nail, a tip gel to glue the extension, and a 1-finger Touch Cure LED lamp. It sounds simple enough, but if you want a beautiful, professional result with long-lasting wear, follow our expert tips.

The Complete Guide to Soft Gel Nail Extensions: Steps and Tips

Dreaming of flaunting a soft gel extension manicure as flawless as those seen on Hollywood stars? Look no further, as we have the ultimate guide to walk you through the soft gel extension process. From preparation to finishing, discover how to achieve red carpet-worthy nails!

1. Prepare Your Nails

  • Before you begin, ensure your nails are clean and well-filed.
  • Remove any residue from previous nail polish and gently push back the cuticles for a perfect base.

2. Choose and Prepare Your Nail Tips

  • One distinctive feature of soft gel extensions is the size of your full cover nail tips. Opt for square, slightly rounded, almond, or ballerina-shaped nails for a classic and sophisticated look.
  • Select the size of your nail tip by placing it on your nail. An extension that is too large will give a very visible fake-nail effect and will not be comfortable to wear. A too-small extension will come off more easily.
  • Once you’ve chosen the right size for each nail, we recommend lightly filing the inside of your extension, at the area that will be in contact with your nail. A surface that is too smooth will adhere less effectively to your nail.

3. Glue your nail tips with Gel

  • Apply pH control to your nails.
  • Apply a layer of Tip Gel Primer  on the natural nail.
  • Apply a layer of Tip Gel Adhesive to the tip of the extension (cuticle side).
  • Place the tip on the nail, maintaining constant pressure.
  • While holding the extension in place, put the finger under the Touch Cure LED lamp for 5 seconds.
  • Repeat the steps for the other 4 fingers of the hand, then place the hand under an LED lamp for 60 seconds.
  • Apply your desired gel polish color and finish according to the chosen overlay to seal the extension.

Follow these simple steps, and you’ll have gorgeous nails in no time. Soft gel extensions have never been more accessible, so get ready to shine!


Video of the steps to make a soft gel extension

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Soft Gel Extensions Tutorial

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