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Tutorial : Nail Arts with Blooming Gel

Blooming Gel polish allows you to quickly and easily create nail arts that are beautiful ! This gel coat works by dispersing the color drawn on the nail to create a stunning watercolor-inspired design. We have prepared special video tutorials for you to learn how to use Blooming Gel and to inspire you to do the most beautiful Nail Arts !

How to apply Blooming Gel:
1. Apply and bake two coats of the color of your choice of UV nail polish
2. Apply a thin layer of Blooming gel, make sure NOT to bake it !
3. With a tool of your choice, apply the desired color(s) to create the desired Bloom effect
4. Once the desired pattern or effect is achieved, bake for 30 seconds under an LED lamp
5. Finish with the Top coat, then bake for 30 seconds.

And voilà, you’re done ! 😀

Find all our tutorials on our YouTube Channel ! You can also find Blooming Gel polishes on our online store.

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Tutorial : Nail Arts with Blooming Gel

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