Why does my nail set fail ?

Here are the reasons why your nail set falls off…

  • Poor nail preparation

One of the main causes of detachment is improper nail preparation before applying the nail extension. If the nail is not properly cleaned, dehydrated, and roughened to create a textured surface, the adhesion of the artificial nail can be compromised. It is essential to remove any traces of polish, oil, or residue from previous products, in order to ensure a strong base for the nail extension.

  • Lack of adhesion

Poor adhesion is another common cause of detachment. When applying the resin or glue to attach the artificial nail, it is important to ensure even and complete application across the entire surface of the natural nail. If the resin is not properly distributed or the glue is not applied accurately, air bubbles can form, reducing adhesion and leading to premature detachment.

  • Exposure to water and moisture

Excessive exposure to water, such as prolonged showers, baths, or swimming sessions, can soften the artificial nails, making them more prone to detachment. Similarly, exposure to moisture in environments like saunas or steam rooms can weaken the adhesion of the nail extension.

  • Excessive use of the nails

If you use your artificial nails as tools to open packages, scrape surfaces, or engage in any other harsh activities, they are more likely to come off. Nails are not designed to withstand excessive use and may break or detach if subjected to inappropriate stress.

  • Poor nail hygiene

Inadequate nail hygiene can also contribute to detachment. If you do not regularly clean your nails and maintain them properly, bacteria, fungi, or residue can accumulate under the artificial nails, leading to infections or detachment.


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Why does my nail set fail ?

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