About Ongles d’Or

Starting out in the basement of his family home in the fall of 2003, Marco Houde, a seasoned businessman from the south shore of Quebec City, in Canada, embarked on a great adventure in the field of nail enhancement. Completely neophyte, he decides to use his 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur to take up the challenge. He studies the market, the products, the needs of professionals and carries out research on new resins, particularly in the medical field. He creates his own laboratory to test resins, tips, and nail enhancement techniques. He himself does nail art simply to better understand the problems of nail technicians.

Motivated more than ever to stand out, he also innovates in the presentation of products, such as opaque, sober, elegant, and practical bottles. A point of honor is also placed on the quality control of products. Nothing is left to chance. Ongles d’Or is born!

Working tirelessly, the team perfects improves and fine-tunes the products as well as their presentation. She develops an advertising campaign and creates an attractive website with online sales. For his part, Marco Houde devours miles of road in search of distributors and representatives and promotes his products to beauticians and nail technicians. Today, Ongles d’Or distributes its products in several points of sale in Quebec and is expanding rapidly in the Canadian and European markets. Ongles d’Or won 2nd place for the innovation trophy in the aesthetic category.

Little by little, the company is making itself known and progressing. The offices are expanding, the inventory is growing, new products appear and a room is set up to provide training. Here again, the quality of training is part of the company’s mission.

In 2008, motivated by the progress achieved and by a constant increase in clientele, Ongles d’Or created a new line of products, Perfection UV gels, and innovated with, among others, the fondant gel.

In 2009 the premises are enlarged again. Large classrooms, more spacious premises, a boutique filled with choice, a more efficient laboratory and dispatch center, and more!

More recently, Ongles d´Or launched a new brand, Oh Blush. A dipping system with exceptional hold and easy to apply. Oh Blush can be used with gel or resin.

In terms of training, they are constantly improved and updated to follow trends and market innovations. In addition, the new recruits also broaden the company’s skill level, in training, but also in computer graphics, in the laboratory, and in the warehouse.

Whether you are a professional or a beginner, you will find that professional service is part of the company’s mission just like product quality control.

If you believe in us and our products, become an Ongles d’Or distributor.