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Amazing discount: 30% OFF on Shellac and Gelish Gel Polishes
Valid until 09/26/2023 on selected items and limit of available stocks


SHELLAC polish is the most popular UV and LED gel polish. A flawless manicure for 14 days! Shellac nail polish, like all gel polishes, needs to be cured under a UV lamp or an LED lamp. 

How to apply Shellac polish: 1 layer of Shellac base coat, 2 layers of color coats, 1 layer of Shellac top coat, then remove the sticky coat with a pad and 99.9% alcohol. Shellac gel polish is self-leveling, without filing and can be removed with acetone in 10 minutes. The curing time after each layer depends on your lamp. With the CND led lamp, it only takes 10 seconds to cure the base and 1 minute for the colored Shellacs and top coats.

For those in a hurry, use the Shellac XPRESS 5 top coat, which melts the Shellac in 5 minutes.

For those who want a manicure that lasts longer, use the DURAFORCE top coat and the WEAR EXTENDED base, which extends your Shellac by one week, for a perfect manicure for 3 weeks.

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