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Oh Blush Dip Powder Starting Kit with 1 Powder

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Fall in love with dip powder system with this complete Oh Blush Kit. The kit contains everything you need to accomplish the prettiest dip powder manicure and you get to choose the color of your powder! On trend and easy to use, Oh Blush will change the way you do your nails! No lamp required.

Customize Oh Blush Dip Powder Starting Kit with 1 Powder
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Oh Blush Dip powder starting kit with 1 powder of your choice
Oh Blush Dip Powder Starting Kit with 1 Powder

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    Discover the revolution of the Dip Powder System.The set contains the 4 products needed to create your powder manicure as well as the product to remove your application. Oh Blush hardens your nails and makes them resistant. The technique is easy, even for beginners!

    This complete kit gives you everything you need to get a professional manicure without leaving the comfort of your home. Designed to provide long-lasting hold and a flawless finish, our kit is ideal for those who want perfect nails with ease. The Oh blush Dip is compatible with all Oh Blush dip powders.


    Benefits of Oh Blush Dip Manicure

    • Without UV Lamp: No need for a UV lamp to harden your manicure.
    • Long Lasting: Designed to provide long-lasting hold and an impeccable finish.
    • Easy to Use: Perfect for beginners and professionals alike.
    • Wide choice of colors: More than 300 colors of Oh Blush powders.

    Dip Powder system application:

    1. Before you start, be sure to clean your hands and those of the client.
    2. Push the cuticles and remove the shine from the nail with a yellow block. Remove dust.
    3. Apply 2 coats of PREP on the nails.
    4. Apply BASE & TOP on the nails. Make sure not to touch the skin. Wipe the brush.
    5. Press the entire nail into the powder and shake to remove the excess. Clear the grooves.
    6. Redo steps 4 and 5.
    7. Apply a last layer of BASE & TOP on the nails.Wipe the brush.
    8. Protect by applying the SEALANT and let dry.
    9. File your nails and imperfections, if necessary, to get a smooth surface. Remove dust.
    10. Apply another layer of SEALANT
    11. Finish with 2 coats of BASE & TOP et let dry.

    No lamp required.


    Included in the Oh Blush Dip Powder Starter Set:

    • Oh Blush Dipping Polish - Prep (15 ml)
    • Oh Blush Dipping Polish - Base and Top Coat (15 ml)
    • Oh Blush 1oz Powder of the color of your choice!
    • Oh Blush Dipping Polish - Sealer (15 ml)
    • Oh Blush Dipping Polish - Conditioning Remover (125 ml)


    How to remove Oh Blush Dip powder system

    1. Lightly file the nail surface with a 100/180 file

    2. Soak your nails in the Oh Blush CONDITIONING REMOVER for 5 minutes.

    3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 several times, until all traces of dip powder are gone.

      Removal tip: You can also use foil wraps soaked in Oh Blush CONDITIONING REMOVER instead of letting your nails soak.

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    HygieneDue to hygiene reasons this item is non exchangeable and non refundable
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