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Valerie Ducharme Shell Wrap - Purple

Tech. price: $6.99

Valerie Ducharme Shell Wrap for nail art - Purple color

Valerie Ducharme Shell Wrap - Purple color.

Create amazing depth effects!
These Shell Wraps have a peelable backer sheet: no need for glue to stick them on!
They can bu used easily with resin, UV gel and acrylic.

How to use with resin:

  • Prepare the nails.
  • Peel backer sheet and apply the Shell Wrap on the nail pressing it down firmly to the nail surface.
  • Apply resin to the entire nail surface.
  • Apply clear powder, soak by patting it with resin (repeat if necessary) and dry resin with activator.
  • File and shape to obtain desired shape and a smooth surface.
  • Apply your finition!

Do not hesitate to let your imagination go wild by layering different powders over the wrap to get an even more mesmerizing depth effect!


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Professional exclusive productNo
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BrandValerie Ducharme
ColorsPink, Purple
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