Ongles d’Or ‘s Benefits

By choosing Ongles d’Or Academy, you are sure to make the best choice and enjoy several benefits

Diversified and recognized courses  !

The benefits make it worth it! By choosing to get your training with us, you are making sure that your talent and passion will be recognized everywhere! Our teachers are passionate and cannot wait to share their knowledge with you! You will have access to technical support during and after your training.

In addition to offering many types of complete nail beauty courses, we also offer improvement sessions with our technician to perfect your techniques and methods.

Following your training, you will receive, without extra charge, a diploma to confirm your achievement. For some of our courses, you will even receive a status card that you can use to get access to professional only stores.

We talk about training at Ongles d’Or

In this live show on September 18, 2019, in collaboration with Josée Turmel, Diane our training coordinator, tells you about the many training courses offered at the Académie Ongles d’Or. Our courses are open to everyone, whether you want to do your job or just to learn how to do your nails yourself.


Quality Products !

Ongles d’Or Distributions is a manufacturer of many products, including the pro and elegance lines of resin, UV gel, UV polish, powder, remover, and more! When you are buying our products you are encouraging a Quebec business and you can be sure you are getting the best quality!



Ongles d’Or Exclusives: Resines Elegance & Resines Pro

Ongles d’Or is the only one to offer certified quality ISO 10993, organic and medical grade resins. Those products have been approved  Health Canada and do not contain any MMA.







Graduated Technicians

Although everyone can make purchases at Ongles d’Or, qualified technicians benefit from special rates and have access to exclusive products. To activate your technician account:

– when creating your account on our website, you can download your diploma.

– for an existing account, go to the “client profile” section to download your diploma.

Following the receipt or your diploma, one of our representatives will validate * it and apply the technician advantages to your customer profile.


Student Discounts and Laminated Diploma card

We would like to thank our students for trusting Distribution Ongles d’Or. Therefore, our students benefits from several advantages!

* 10% discount on purchases on training days 

By taking advanced training at Ongles d’Or, you benefit from a 10% discount on all purchases during the days of your training.1Carte-diplome

* 10% extended discount 

For Ongles d’Or technicians who have completed the Resin course, the 10% discount is effective during and after the course, for all purchase made on Ongles d’Or.1

Diploma card 

Ongles d’Or technicians who have graduated from the full Resin training, the full foot care training or the lukewarm waxing training receive a laminated diploma card at no additional cost. Have your proof of graduation at all times in your wallet while shopping!

Online ordering: To benefit from the 10% discount, you must contact us before placing your order so that we apply the discount to your online account.

1Non-combinable offer: in the event of an item on sale, only the highest percentage of discount will apply. Offer. valid at Ongles d’Or only. Certain conditions may apply.


Personalized Technical Support

If you have questions about the training, or need clarification on your treatment techniques, you can communicate with one of our representatives in many ways** :

by phone,  418-831-4484 or 1-866-666-4484
by email,  [email protected]
via the online chat

** During opening hours, Monday to Thursday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Talk to your friends !

Ongle d’Or students referring people for training at Ongle d’Or will receive a Gift Certificate of $10.00 per person registered for one of our training courses.***. The certificate is applicable on the next purchase of products at Ongles d’Or. It cannot be transferred into cash and is non-refundable.

*** N.B. The registered person must follow and complete their training course to validate the certificate. Valid only for a person’s first training taken at Ongles d’Or.