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Franscheska 5D Cat Eye UV Gel 12 - Red 8mL

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Franscheska 5D Cat Eye UV Gel 12 - Red 8mL

Franscheska Magnetic 5D UV Gel, to create metallic cat's eye effects

Franscheska 5D Cat Eye UV Gel 12 - Red 8mL

Color: Red

The 5D UV Gel is ideal for a cat eye effect. Thanks to its magnetic properties, the UV gel used with a magnet will allow you to achieve unlimited fading and gradient effects.

Application steps:

1. After preparing your nails, apply a UV base and cure under a UV/LED lamp.

2. Apply a coat of dark or light color depending on the desired effect then dry. A dark coat will be perfect to get a chameleon effect!

3. Apply the 5D magnetic gel, but be careful not to bake it at this point!

4. Handle a magnetic stick near the gel, without touching the nail. The magnet will attract the pigments and a depth effect will be created instantly!

5. Cure the 5D gel under a UV lamp or LED lamp.

6. Finally apply a UV top coat for a perfect lasting result.

More Information
Professional exclusive productNo
BrandOh Bling
Types de gelMagnetic (Cat eye)
DryingUV or LED
Sizes8 mL
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