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INM N.O.P. Odorless Acrylic Sculpting Liquid

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INM N.O.P. Odorless Acrylic Sculpting Liquid

INM N.O.P. Odorless Acrylic Sculpting Liquid

INM N.O.P. products offer an odorless acrylic system.

Used with INM N.O.P. powders, the N.O.P. sculpting liquids is a slow setting system which allows for more time to sculpt the nails and create the perfect smile lines.

* INM N.O.P. sculpting liquid must be used with N.O.P. powders only (they are not intented to be used with INM OTD, CND or other acrylic powders).

Please note that N.O.P. system works differently than other traditional acrylic systems (OTD, CND, Solid Pro, ...). The liquid/powder ratio is different: N.O.P. system uses less liquid and more powder. Also, N.O.P. products will appear dry and somewhat "flaky" but this is normal.


  • Prepare natural nails.
  • Sculpt the nail (working in 3 zones) using a mix ratio of 1 part of INM N.O.P. liquid for 2 parts of INM N.O.P. powder
  • Shape and refine using files and buffers (you will notice the product feels sticky: this is normal, you will remove the stickyness by filing the top surface of the nail plate).
    N.B. You will notice that the product seems to "rub of" like an eraser, which is normal. Due to the nature of this product and it's "self-leveling" properties, very little filing will be required.
  • Apply color/decoration and apply top coat of your choice.

Why choose INM N.O.P powders?

  • Easy, slow setting application
  • Odorless
  • Primer is not required
  • Very little filing required


INM N.O.P. products can be kept at room temperature, preferably out of direct sunlight. They must be kept away from heat and open flame.


Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Use in a well ventilated area. Stop use in case or irritation. If swallowed, contact immediately a physician or a poison control center.

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ProductAcrylic Sculpting Liquid (Monomer)
Sizes2 oz, 4 oz, 8 oz, 16 oz
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