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INM Nail Primer ONL 6 x 1/2oz

Tech. price: $92.59
INM Nail Primer ONL 6 x 1/2oz

INM Nail Primer ONL - Set of 6 x 1/2oz

Provides the strongest bond possible between the natural nail plate and acrylic enhancements.
Raspberry scented.
Blue tinted
Set of 6 nail primers 1/2oz

How to use ONL Primer

  1. Wipe your brush on the side of the bottle
  2. Dab your brush on your disposable towel
  3. Apply two coats of the nail primer and allow drying to a chalky white appearance between applications
  4. Being careful to avoid the cuticle, it can cause a burning sensation



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Professional exclusive productNo
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Sizes15 mL, 1/2 oz
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