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Magnetic Pen - 2 Sided (Flower/Line)

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Magnetic Pen - 2 Sided (Flower/Line)


The Magnetic Pen 2 sided Flower and Line is used with a magnetic powder or magnetic gel to create patterns or depth. This one gathers the pigments near the gap formed by the two magnets that repel each other. It allows you to create a line or flower pattern without altering the covering. Multiple combinations are imaginable, you just have to experiment!

Magnetic Pen - 2 Sided (Flower/Line)

Perfect to work with tiger eye powder. This product do flower & line pattern.


How to use with a magnetic UV Gel :

  1. After preparing your nails, apply a UV base and cure under a UV/LED lamp.
  2. Apply a coat of dark or light color depending on the desired effect then dry. 
  3. Apply the 9D magnetic gel, but be careful not to bake it at this point!
  4. Handle the magnetic stick near the gel, without touching the nail. The magnet will attract the pigments and a depth effect will be created instantly!
  5. Cure the 9D gel under a UV lamp or LED lamp.
  6. Finally apply a UV top coat for a perfect lasting result.


How to use with a magnetic powder :

  1. Place few drops or our Fini Plus (FP15) or another gel top coat on a silicone mat.
  2. Choose a cat eye powder and mixt some powder in the top coat.
  3. Use a brush to apply the mixture on the colored nail. (Use a black color for a pronounced effect)
  4. Put in the 36W UV/LED lamp about 30 sec.
  5. Apply a new top coat and put in this lamp 30 more sec.

Quick tip: The intensity of the pattern will vary depending on how close and how long the magnet is held in front of the magnetic powder or gel.

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