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Supreme Clear Eyelash Glue (10g)

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Supreme Clear Eyelash Glue (10g)

Supreme Clear Eyelash Glue (10g)

Color: transparent.
Made in CANADA.
Extreme hold.
Very fast drying.
Dries completely in 24 hours
Easy to apply.
Can be used with colored eyelash and stones.


  1. Place a drop of glue on a jade stone.
    Important: The drop must form a dome on the stone.
  2. Gently dip extension in the glue, taking care not to break the shape of your glue drop.
  3. Place the extension on the natural lash.
  4. With straight tweezers, smooth the eyelash to ensure that the adhesive is properly applied.
  5. Clean the tip of the glue bottle prior to closing it and store the bottle in a vertical position.


To prolong life span, keep your glue bottle in the refrigerator.

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Sizes 10 mL
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