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4D Carving UV Gel #010 Dark Blue

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4D Carving UV Gel #010 Dark Blue

4D carving UV gel is ideal to create embossed patterns on your nails.

4D Carving UV Gel #010 Dark Blue

Color: Dark Blue

The 4D UV gel is a perfect artistic paste to create and sculpt anything you want: 4D or 3D patterns, thick or thin lines, volume drawings. Let your imagination and creativity run wild! A wide choice is offered to you.

Application steps : 

1. Complete the nail preparation, the covering and the finishing steps.

2. Apply the UV 4D gel on your finition with a clean regular or silicone brush. In order not to lose its original texture, we advise not to apply any finition on the 3D or 4D pattern

3. Bake for 2 minutes under a 36 watt UV lamp or 60 seconds under a LED light.

Your design is ready! To remove the 4D UV gel, simply file the surface

More Information
Professional exclusive productNo
Types de gelColors, 4D
DryingUV or LED
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