Breast Cancer Foundation Oh Blush 2018 (3pcs) = 1$ Donation

Oh Blush Powder bundle for Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation.

For each set sold, 1$ will donate to the foundation.

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Breast Cancer Foundation VFP 2018 (3pcs) = 1$ Donation SKU: CANCERVFP2018

Breast Cancer Foundation VFP 2018 (3pcs) = 1$ Donation

Regular Price: $29.85

Special Price $25.37




Special bundle for the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation.

Contains :
019 Love Punch
055 Daydream
056 Pink Above

The Oh Blush powder is what gives color to your dipping powder manicure. There's a color for every mood!

Before you start, be sure to clean your hands and those of the client. Push the cuticles and remove the shine from the nail with a yellow block. Remove dust.

  1. Apply 2 coats of PREP on the nails.
  2. Apply BASE & TOP on the nails. Making sure not to touch the skin. Wipe the brush.
  3. Press the entire nail into the powder and shake to remove the excess. Clear the grooves.
  4. Redo steps 2 and 3.
  5. Apply BASE & TOP on the nails.Wipe the brush.
  6. Protect by applying the SEALANT and let dry.
  7. File your nails and imperfections, if necessary, to get a smooth surface. Remove dust.
  8. Apply a coat of SEALANT.
  9. Finish with 2 coats of BASE & TOP et let dry.

Especially made for Oh Blush line.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand Oh Blush
Reference number CANCEROHB2018
Shapes Colored Powder
Sizes 1/2 oz
Colors Pink
Collections No
Dimensions No
Wholesale No