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Oh Blush Dipping Gel - Dipping (15mL)

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Dipping step of Oh Blush Dipping Gel

Oh Blush Dipping Gel - Dipping 15mL

Oh Blush Gel is the new way to get a nice manicure quickly and easily!
They can be cured in UV and LED nail lamps.
They require no spray activator, reducing the risk of allergies and intolerance to activators or acrylates!
They can be used with all Oh Blush powders and all Oh Blush Sparkle powders too!

Nail preparation

  1. Clean nails with water and soap;
  2. Push the cuticles and file the nails;
  3. Choose and adjust the nail tips (if applicable);
  4. Using a yellow buffer block, gently buff the nail and remove dust;
  5. Apply 2 to 3 coats of Oh Blush DIP NAIL PREP;
  6. Glue the nail tips with Oh Blush DIP BASE & TOP COAT (if applicable).

Application steps

  1. Apply a very thin layer of Oh Blush Gel Dipping.
  2. Sprinkle the Oh Blush powder of your choice on the nail, shake to remove the excess and clean around the nail plate with a wooden stick.
  3. Cure for 1 minute in a 36W UV lamp or an 18W LED lamp.
  4. Apply a thin layer of Oh Blush GEL DIPPING in a tapping movement (be sure to wipe of your brush before putting it back in the bottle).
  5. Repeat steps 2 and 3 to obtain the desired strength and opacity.
  6. Apply a last thin layer of Oh Blush Gel Dipping and cure for 1 min in a 36W.
  7. Remove the sticky effect with 99% alcohol.
  8. File the nails to a smooth surface, then remove the dust.
  9. Finish with a layer of Oh Blush GEL Top Coat, cure for 2 minutes in a 36W UV lamp or for 30 seconds in a 18W LED lamp.


File the surface of the nail, then soak your nails in the Oh Blush Soak Off for 5 minutes. Repeat until all traces of gel powder are gone.

More Information
Professional exclusive productNo
Distributor exclusive productNo
BrandOh Blush Gel
DryingUV or LED Lamp
Sizes15 mL
Brush typesFlat
HygieneDue to hygiene reasons this item is non exchangeable and non refundable
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