Elegance pH Control 15 mL 0.5oz

pH Control Elegance 15 mL 0.5oz


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pH Control Elegance 15 mL 0.5oz

Elegance pH Control is a drying and pH balancing product to be applied on the natural nail . Used as the final step in the preparation of the nail, it removes any moisture and increase adherence of nail enhancement.

Combined with a good nail preparation, the pH control will greatly increase the grip of your nail enhacements. Simply apply to the nail plate (2-3 layers) until the nail gets a whitish appearance and continue with your normal enhacement steps.

Can be used with regular nail polishes, UV nail polishes, resins and UV gels .

Additional Information

Additional Information

Professional exclusive product No
Brand Elégance
Reference number CP15
Dimensions No
Colors No
Sizes 15 mL, 1/2 oz
Quantity No
Wholesale No