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Glass Paper - various colors 24pcs

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Glass Paper - various colors 24pcs

Glass Paper - various colors 24pcs

Create amazing glass or mirror effect!
The glass paper sheets are thin and have beautiful see through colored effects.
They can bu used easily with resin, UV gel and acrylic.

How to use with resin:

  • Cut a piece of glass paper to cover the desired surface.
    (to make sure you can seal properly your nail art, be sure to cut the paper a little bit smaller than the surface you want to cover).
  • Crumble the paper to give it some texture.
  • Apply resin to the nail surface you want to cover and stick the paper on.
  • Apply resin over the paper, dip the nail into clear powder
  • Soak powder by patting with resin (repeat if necessary) and dry resin with activator.
  • File and shape to obtain desired shape.
  • Apply your finition!

Do not hesitate to let your imagination go wild by using several colors of paper on the same nail or using a colored powder under the paper beforehand!


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