INM Out the Door Acrylic Liquid 4 oz

INM Out the Door Acrylic Liquid 4 oz for acrylic nails


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INM Out the Door Acrylic Liquid 4 oz

Specifically formulated to have better nail adhesion properties. The “OUT THE DOOR”sculpting system has been designed to last longer and have a superior bond to the nail plate. You are able to consistently produce thin, strong, natural looking nails worthy of competition.

How to apply Out the Door Acrylic Liquid

  1. Use a ratio of 2 parts liquid and 1 part powder, with Out the door acrylic powder
  2. Mix to obtain a creamy mixture
  3. If it's too wet, the acrylic will get sticky

Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand INM
Reference number INMOTDL4
Dimensions No
Product Acrylic Sculpting Liquid (Monomer)
Collections OTD
Odor Regular
Drying Regular
Colors Transparent
Sizes 4 oz
Quantity One
Wholesale No