LED Magnifying Eyeglasses with 5 Lens

LED Magnifying Eyeglasses with 5 Lens


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LED Magnifying Eyeglasses with 5 Lens

1.0X, 1.5X, 2.0X, 2.5X et 3.5X

Lens of changing five kinds of different magnifications.

Lens angle is adjustable to 60 degrees.

LED light source angle is adjustable to 45 degrees.

Nose bridge holder is adjustable.

Glasses bracket can be changed to headbang to ensure more congortable and tight wearing.

Lens surface is treated with strenghtening process to reach the hardness oh H5 degrees. 

A substantial increase in battery capacity, battery time than the original extended for 20 hours.


For any stains on lens surface, just flush them with water then dry the moisture with facial tissue. Do not use alcohol. 

Manipulate softly the nose bridge holder.


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Additional Information

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